Chipping and Mulching

Chipping and Mulching Services to Make Green Waste Disposal Quick and Easy

After land clearing or tree lopping is performed, properly disposing of the resulting green waste such as shrubbery, clipping, and tree branches is a problem that often arises. Where there’s a problem however, East Coast Veg Management has a solution.

When you hire our chipping and mulching services, our industry-grade fleet of chipping and mulching machines will turn all that green waste into compostable mulch in a flash.

Chipping and Mulching Services to Make Green Waste Disposal Quick and Easy

How Our Chipping and Mulching Services Can Benefit You and Your Land

Mulching is the process whereby unwanted vegetation and green waste is ground into mulch. The mulch is then spread across the cleared site. Mulch prevents initial regrowth of vegetation, minimises erosion, and returns nutrients back to the soil. The mulching process also minimises damage to the remaining vegetation by protecting any roots that may have been exposed by the land clearing process.

Mulching is quicker and more cost-effective than hiring a removalist or attempting to burn the waste. We typically employ our chipping and mulching machines to dispose of any green waste created through our other services, namely land clearing. However, our chipping and mulching services are still available all along the east coast of Australia if the project is large enough.

How Our Chipping and Mulching Services Can Benefit You and Your Land
  • ​Preparing for the construction of residential and commercial buildings
  • Renovations and further development of a property or structure
  • Creating fire breaks and trails for bushfire mitigation
  • Preparing for the construction of civil infrastructure such as roads, pipelines, mines, sportsgrounds, schools, and more

Hire Our Chipping and Mulching Services to Solve All Your Green Waste Problems Today.

Land clearing solutions

Our Land Clearing Capabilities

Using our fleet of machines, we can clear large areas of vegetation safely and efficiently. We’ll ensure that no stumps are left in the ground or green waste is left behind. We can clear trees close to powerlines and along fence lines to prevent them from creating safety hazards. Where there are invasive plants, we can provide herbicide application services for weed control.


We can also perform tree-specific clearing, removing single trees while leaving the surrounding vegetation untouched. Tree lopping to remove problematic branches while leaving trees and vegetation standing is another one of our capabilities. We also regularly provide land clearing for bushfire mitigation. We can create fire breaks and fire trails by strategically clearing sections of bushfire-prone vegetation.

Our Machines

Vermeer BC1800 Chipper

Vermeer BC1800 Chipper

Our 174 horsepower Vermeer wood chipper is capable of processing logs up to 19 inches in diameter.

Hino 500 Tipper Truck

Hino 500 Tipper Truck

This is an 11-tonne Hino Tipper truck fitted with a custom made wood chipper body with a capacity of 19 cubic metres.

Avant 520

Avant 520

We have a 20-horsepower mini articulated loader fitted with a log grab. It is used to load chippers with tree waste.



This is a steel tracked mulching machine.

Terex RT120

Terex RT120

We also have a rubber tracked mulching machine.

Hire From Our Range of Machines and Our Team of Experts for Your Next Project Today!

Our Locations

East Coast Veg Management is based in Wakefield, New South Wales. We provide our services to Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, and the Australian Capital Territory. Some of our work locations include:

  • Wakefield
  • Newcastle
  • Wollongong
  • Canberra
  • Sydney
  • Brisbane
  • Melbourne

Our chipping and mulching services are typically employed after we have performed our land clearing services at a project site. However, we can and will provide our chipping and mulching services all across the east coast of Australia depending on the size and duration of the project. Contact us today to find out if we can help you.

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