Land Rehabilitation

Land Rehabilitation Services to Preserve and Restore the Environment

The effects of construction, development, and industry can be significant on the land, environment, and ecosystem – both on and surrounding a project site. If you have a piece of land that’s currently unsuitable for use or are concerned about the effects of land degradation due to your project, talk to the team at East Coast Veg Management (ECVM) today.

Our land rehabilitation services can halt the effects of land degradation and even make a piece of land safe for use once again. With our industry-leading land rehabilitation services, we can provide a wide range of tailored solutions for our customers.

Land Rehabilitation Services to Preserve and Restore the Environment

How Our Land Rehabilitation Services Can Help You

How Our Land Rehabilitation Services Can Help You
  • ​Preparing for the construction of residential and commercial buildings
  • Renovations and further development of a property or structure
  • Creating fire breaks and trails for bushfire mitigation
  • Preparing for the construction of civil infrastructure such as roads, pipelines, mines, sportsgrounds, schools, and more

Restore and rehabilitate! That’s the name of the game with our land rehabilitation services. East Coast Veg Management have extensive experience working alongside environmental safety professionals to provide land rehabilitation to project sites and the surrounding area after the conclusion of construction, mining, or other types of industry.

We have the capability to re-plant native vegetation, control or eliminate the growth of weeds via herbicide application, restore native habitats for animals, and perform erosion control and other restorative land management work. With our expert team and top-of-the-line fleet of machines, customers can rest assured that the grass will be greenest on their side of the fence in no time at all.

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Land clearing solutions

Our Land Clearing Capabilities

Using our fleet of machines, we can clear large areas of vegetation safely and efficiently. We’ll ensure that no stumps are left in the ground or green waste is left behind. We can clear trees close to powerlines and along fence lines to prevent them from creating safety hazards. Where there are invasive plants, we can provide herbicide application services for weed control.


We can also perform tree-specific clearing, removing single trees while leaving the surrounding vegetation untouched. Tree lopping to remove problematic branches while leaving trees and vegetation standing is another one of our capabilities. We also regularly provide land clearing for bushfire mitigation. We can create fire breaks and fire trails by strategically clearing sections of bushfire-prone vegetation.

Our Machines

9 Tonne ES85ZT Euromach Excavator

9 Tonne ES85ZT Euromach Excavator

This 9-tonne excavator comes with bucket, log grab, and mulcher attachments.

Isuzu FVZ1400

Isuzu FVZ1400

We have a 22.5 tonne GVM custom-made Beavertail truck for transporting machines and equipment.

Toyota Land Cruiser

Toyota Land Cruiser

These Land Cruiser Utes come with a twin reel Qwikspray unit for herbicide application.

Hinowa 19.65 Spider Lift

Hinowa 19.65 Spider Lift

Our spider lift has a vertical reach of 18.8 metres.

Terex PT-100 Posi Track

Terex PT-100 Posi Track

We have a 100 horsepower Posi Track Loader fitted with a tree shear. This attachment allows trees to be sheared off at the base of the trunk and laid down. It will cut a tree up to 300mm in diameter.

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Our Locations

Our company is based in Wakefield, New South Wales. We regularly travel across Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, and the Australian Capital Territory to perform land rehabilitation works for our customers. Some of work locations include:

  • Wakefield
  • Newcastle
  • Wollongong
  • Canberra
  • Sydney
  • Brisbane
  • Melbourne

We provide our land rehabilitation services to more locations than what is listed above. We can service land rehabilitation projects all across the east coast of Australia depending on the size and duration of the project. Contact us today to find out if we can service your next project.

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East Coast Veg Management can undertake land rehabilitation on projects all across the east coast of Australia. If you’re in QLD, NSW, Victoria, or the ACT, we can come to you. Call us or use our online contact form to find out more.

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